Saturday, January 23, 2010

What is the effect of television on people's communication?

Although television has an informative, educational and entertaining function, I think that it has destroyed communication among friends and family. Different movies and serials give us fake and unrealistic models of communication. Spending hours in watching various shows limits our time for talking with friends and family. Television destroys our communication because there is no exchange of information while watching it; people can get no personal experience.
Almost all television shows present models of communication. Imaginary characters show how they live and interact with each other. In real world this television communication is impossible because people are real; they have real feelings, wishes and problems. Watching these dramas all day makes us feel part of the action, but actually no one can hear what we think or feel; the reverse part of the communication is missing. For example, if we watch a 1200 series long serial, where there are a lot of lies, complex situations, characters that suddenly become rich or a miracle happens to them, we can not talk to them and share our thoughts about all of this. We will know everything about them, but they will know nothing about us. This destroys our ability to communicate because we start to follow a no interactive model of television communication.
Another reason that television destroys our communication with people is that it consumes our time. Instead of watching meaningless movies, we can read a book or spend more time with our friends and family, discussing our and their problems. The essence of real communication is hidden in getting a feedback. To have a communication, there should be more than one person involved. If we spend less time in front of the television at home, we will have more time for talking with our families, going out with friends, doing relaxing activities and for something more useful.
Finally, television destroys communication with friends and family because it does not give us exchange of information which does not improve our development. To communicate effectively we need to see the other person, to see his/her face expressions and to know his/her point of view. The discussed topic may be soothing seen on television, but we can not have communication with the TV, so we have to spend less time in front of it and more time discussing different things.
Communication happens between two or more people. When we communicate we have to hear the other’s opinion and share his/her feelings. Television does not present us with real models of communication. It exhausts our free time and we hampers out healthful social relations.

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