Saturday, January 23, 2010


Making my own online portfolio was a challenge for me because I'm not really good with the computers. At the beginning it was really hard because I did not know what I am supposed to write and post, but then after writing the first piece I understood that it is not so hard. It was interesting to see my classmates' portfolios because every portfolio had different design and the stories were different too. It was fun to make comments on some of the posts and also read the comments for my posts. I liked the assignment because we were free to write for everything that is interesting to us.
The exchange was not really successful because of some technical reasons but I was really excited about the chance to talk to someone who lives in US. Somehow I became more self-confident and responsible toward my work. I wanted to be done with everything on time in order my partner to be able to see my post and comment on them. I think that this online blog gave me the opportunity to reach more people over the world and it is a good experience for my future writings. So I think that it was great.

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