Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The first kiss

Every girl in her life expects her first kiss, her prom or her marriage. She is concerned about everything: her dress, the perfect flowers, and the perfect place. Everything should be amazing and memorable. I have a friend that had invented everything about her wedding day when she was only 15. She had made the guest list, she had talked to some restaurants for free dates and she had called some newspapers to make them publish her wedding in the news. For her this was a big deal, she was collecting everything in a special box and she still has it. When she looks at them, she can not stop laughing. So every girl all of her life is waiting for her special moment. For me this was my first real kiss.

All of my friends talked about their boyfriends and how they kiss, but this was far away from me. I did not have a boyfriend and I didn’t know what the real kiss was. I was really ashamed by the fact that I am the only one that has never kissed a boy. The most embarrassing was that I was an 8th grader and for everyone to kiss someone was not so exciting. So I decided just to wait for the right moment.

So how it happened? My family and I went on a trip to one village near Sofia for Eastern. We were a big group of around 30 people. There were many kids my age. It was really funny, we danced, walked around, laughed; the whole experience was just amazing. There was a boy that was really cute, I really liked him, and he was the most romantic boy that I have ever known. The last night we were watching the stars on the roof of the hotel and he was telling me scary stories about ghosts, and then my moment came, he just kissed me. I had the feeling that the Earth stopped to round, I could feel only his lips touching mine, and my dream has become real. Then the world seemed different to me, I could see the beauty around me even the trees looked different to me.

Unfortunately it was just a short moment, time which I wished to be forever. I was so happy in those 50 seconds, I was happy that one of my childish dreams has become real, I knew that dreams are not just dreams but things that just need time to happen.