Sunday, November 29, 2009

My country

Many of my classmates describe some of their trips to different places in the world but for me the most interesting place in the world is my homeland-Bulgaria.
Bulgaria, like every other country, has its positive and negative sides. My country has a good climate which gives possibilities for developing tourism. It offers a good education and it is peaceful. Nevertheless, the low standard of life (low salaries, bad roads, dirty streets) makes my country less attractive than many states with similar characteristics.
My native country is located in a functional climate region. We have four seasons, a lot of beautiful and full in rivers and lakes, mountains. During the summer we enjoy going to our seaside. In Bulgaria are located some of the best skiing resorts like Bansko and Borovest. There people can have an amazing vacation because they can combine their passion in skiing or snowboarding with relaxing in the spa. That’s why we have a developed tourism. The only problem is that our transport is bad and we do not keep our nature clean enough.
Not only will Bulgaria impress you with good climate, but it will also offer you education. People can receive a great opportunity to be taught by some of the greatest professors on the world. Our universities produce good professionals. Yet, there is a problem in my country: salaries are low. For example, some people who have a degree in philosophy have to work as something else because they do not earn enough money, practicing their profession. So if good education combines with good pays, people will be stimulated to study here.
Lat but not least, my country is peaceful, there are not many crimes. People can walk around the streets and parks without fear. The bad thing is that when a crime occurs our police do not do much to understand the truth about it and punish the criminal.
In conclusion I can say that although my country is not perfect because of its low standard of living, it offers wonderful tourism, good education and peaceful life. I do not know a country which is perfect that’s why I think that Bulgaria is the best place for living and having a vacation.

This is link to a video which presents photos from Bulgaria:

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  1. Bulgaria seems like a nice place =] but with ending it on a kinda bad note, like about the police being lazy and low living standards, it leaves the reader with a bad note. I mean i know better than that because I've seen pictures and researched it and your country is very beautiful. I'd like to vacation there someday. But anyway, the only thing i'd say would be to maybe switch up the bad with the good. Kinda hint in the bad things towards the beggining or middle of your story, so you can include the opportunities and tourist attraction stuff at the end because then it'll leave a positive afterthought. Other than that, it was very well described. I like the picture along with it lol